Wellness, Exercise and Stretching (Video 2)

Leg Balance Exercise

This blog post and safety/wellness video is the second of a series of 7 videos that I’m posting for you! This one shows two specific exercises recommended by fitness professionals who rolled out an exercise, stretching and wellness program for one of my clients. This shows a very beneficial balance exercise while standing, along with the proper technique for a wall push-ups.

If you haven’t seen the first wellness video on Finding the Neutral Spine and Proper Posture, then be sure to click and view that 3-min. video first. This video series on Wellness and Exercise goes in order.

Be sure to watch the Disclaimer Video before attempting any exercises or stretches demonstrated here. Just like in any gym or any activity, you must be healthy enough to do these exercises and only you and/or a doctor can make that determination. You participate and do these stretches and exercises at your own risk.

How can you best use this safety video to its maximum potential in your toolbox talk or safety training? This is how:

  1. Set it up. How will you draw people in and spark their curiosity whenever you show any video? One of the easiest ways to do this is to ask a question. Check out 9 other techniques to engage people during a toolbox talk or safety training. Consider people’s experience. Ask people how good they think their balance is. Get them thinking and curious to see what you’re about to show them.
  2. Debrief the video. Always be sure to ask questions about what they saw, challenge them to make improvements or take action in their lives, and/or poll your audience. In this specific wellness video, one thing you could do is ask the group to separate on either side of the room (or one group on your left and the other on your right). Ask those who found the balance exercise more difficult than they originally thought to go on one side and those who though it was easier on the other side. The people who didn’t choose either side should be the ones who thought it matched up with what they originally thought. Then ask those who thought it was harder to share how their body felt during the exercise and try to get some good feedback from all involved. Become creative and learn to master the art of Debriefing a video.

So here is the checklist of what was shown in the video. Steps to Leg Balance Exercise:
1.) Stand with Correct Posture.
2.) Lift one foot off ground.
3.) Move in 4 directions as shown in video.
4.) Continue step 3 between 6-8 times.
5.) Tap foot down or touch wall for support -if needed.
6.) Repeat with other foot.

Finally, below is a checklist of what was shown in the video. Steps for a Proper Wall Push-up:
1.) Stand with Correct Posture.
2.) Lead towards wall while maintaining your entire body straight (heels will lift off floor, you’ll be standing on the ball of your toes and abs will be contracted).
3.) Place hands on wall just a little wider than your shoulders and just at shoulder height.
4.) Do a slow and controlled push-up on the wall up to 8-12 times. Take a break between if needed.
5.) Repeat 1-3 sets. Do what you can and work your way up.

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