Wellness, Exercise and Stretching (Video 3)


This blog post and wellness video is the third of a series of 7 videos that I’m posting for you! This one shows an exercise called the Deadlift. There are no weights involved. Remember that this series on wellness was designed by fitness professionals who rolled out these exercises and stretching techniques for two of my clients.

If you haven’t seen the first two wellness videos on Proper Posture and a great Balance Exercise then be sure to click and view those. All these wellness videos are designed to go in order.

Be sure to watch the Disclaimer Video before attempting any exercises or stretches demonstrated here. Just like in any gym or any activity, you must be healthy enough to do these exercises and only you and/or a doctor can make that determination. You participate and do these stretches and exercises at your own risk.

How can you best use this safety video to its maximum potential in your toolbox talk or safety training? This is how:

  1. Set it up. Always think about how will you draw people in and spark their curiosity whenever you show any video. To help you with this, I have created a great blog post giving 10 techniques to engage people during a toolbox talk or safety training. For this exercise consider asking for a show of hands for those who have done deadlifts before. Most of the time, people will do this exercise with an olympic bar in a gym. (The olympic bar is just that long, 45-lb. bar that weightlifters use for many exercises including lying down and working out their pectorals as well as put across their shoulders to do squats that work out the thighs.) In this exercise we don’t use a bar. Ask them to focus on the stretch and proper posture. Always get your audience thinking and curious to see what you’re about to show them.
  2. Debrief the video. When you debrief a video, you want to challenge them to make improvements and to take action in their lives. In this specific wellness video, I’m suggesting following up to your setup question and ask those who have done deadlifts with that bar and weights to comment on how they felt doing this exercise. If they are really in shape this might help them focus on the stretching aspect of this movement or perhaps this will even help them master the proper posture to take care of their back while doing this exercise.. Become creative and learn to master the art of Debriefing a video.

Here is the checklist of what was shown in the video. Steps to the Deadlift:
1.) Stand with Correct Posture.
2.) Place feet shoulder-width apart.
3.) Bend knees and keep knees over heals.
4.) Hinge forward from hips while maintaining back straight (with its 3 natural curves, in that power position).
5.) Your hands and arms are hanging in front of body as if they were holding a weight-lifting bar.
6.) Once hands are at knees or just below knees, squeeze your buttocks and hamstrings (and your abs) to lift yourself straight up again.
7.) Repeat this slow and even motion 8-12 times.

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Spanish OSHA Guy!

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  1. joe matteri
    4 years ago

    Hello Steven,

    Please keep them coming, it is so refreshing to see you in these videos with all your enthusiasm. I try to to use your method of training to spice up my training.
    I did not get back to you with a comment on this one because I had been conducting a 30 hr.for our supervisors. Thanks again, and take care Steven

    Talk to you soon,


    • spanishOSHAguy
      4 years ago

      Dear Joe,

      Thanks for writing in the comments and for the feedback! I’m so glad that my efforts of a benefit to you. Please continue to keep in touch via the blog or any other method. Thanks!


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