Wellness, Exercise and Stretching (Video 4)


This blog post and wellness video is the 4th in a series of 7 videos that I’m posting here! This one shows two exercises: the Lunge and the Downward Dog on a wall. This series on wellness was designed by fitness professionals who rolled out these exercises and stretching techniques for two companies.

If you haven’t seen the first several wellness videos in this series, be sure to check them out in order:

  1. Proper Posture
  2. Leg Balance & Wall Pushup
  3. Deadlift

Be sure to watch the Disclaimer Video before attempting any exercises or stretches demonstrated here. Just like in any gym or any activity, you must be healthy enough to do these exercises and only you and/or a doctor can make that determination. You participate and do these stretches and exercises at your own risk.

How can you best use this safety video to its maximum potential in your toolbox talk or safety training? This is how:

  1. Set it up. Always think about how will you draw people in and spark their curiosity whenever you show any video. To help you I have created a great blog post giving 10 techniques to engage people during a toolbox talk or safety training. For the downward dog on the wall consider asking for a show of hands for those who have done this in their yoga classes or elsewhere. The stretch shown here is different because it is up against the wall and not against the floor. Always endeavor to get your audience thinking and curious to see what you’re about to show them.
  2. Debrief the video. When you debrief a video, you want to challenge them to make improvements and to take action in their lives. How could these stretches improve their health and flexibility if they stuck with it long-term? In this specific wellness video, I’m suggesting following up to your setup question and ask those who have done the downward dog on the floor in their exercise classes to make a comparison with exercise. If they didn’t like this exercise or start making too many negative comments discounting this, do your best curb the negativity by highlighting the fact that when you do something for the first time it doesn’t always feel right or we don’t always take to it. Also you could highlight the fact the personal trainers designed this for people of all ages and fitness levels in the workplace. Become creative and learn to master the art of Debriefing a video.

Below is the checklist of what was shown in the video for the Hip Flexor (Lunge):
1.) Stand with Correct Posture.
2.) Take one large step back (your back foot will be on your toes as seen in the video).
3.) While maintaining that proper posture, bend that back knee and allow it to come towards the ground (most of your weight should be in your front heel).
4.) Press back hip forward so you feel the stretch from that hip down towards that back knee (as seen in video).
5.) Hold stretch for up to 30 seconds.

Finally, here is the checklist for the Downward Dog stretch on wall:
1.) Stand with Correct Posture about 3-4 feet away from wall.
2.) Touch the wall with your hands and walk your hands down the wall until you are at a 90 degree angle (banding at your waist as seen in the video).
3.) Stretch from fingers to tailbone and from tailbone to heels.
4.) Hold stretch for up to 30 seconds.

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