Documentary: Disaster Relief (Video 3) – Training Location

Still frame for Training Location Video

Hi, it’s the Spanish OSHA Guy here. This is the third of a series of videos that I have prepared from Binghamton, NY in September of 2011. Click here to see and read about the flood at the local elementary school. In this current video you’ll see where we set up for 3, 13-hour days of training! It was amazing because we had so many local volunteers as well as professional Disaster Relief workers from out of state come together to begin to rebuild this community. Professionals from Florida, Georgia and other states came to New York. We packed out the classes to 40 people per class as permitted by OSHA for the Outreach Training.

One of the unique things you’ll see in this video is the massive series of blue tarps we have to string across the side of the school so that we could create a classroom environment to train the people. I conducted the OSHA 10 1926 (or the OSHA 10 Construction) Outreach Training. The state of NY requires this for any person who works on a publicly-funded job. (There are currently 8 states that have extremely similar laws to the state of New York.  They are Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Ohio, Nevada and Missouri.)

I finished 3 OSHA 10’s over 3 days by working double sessions in the area you see in this video. “Double Sessions” means: 7am – 1pm for the first group and then started a new group from 2pm – 8pm. That was the training schedule each day. We powered my computer, microphone, speakers, projector and everything else off of generators just beyond the huge tarp. After the 3 days were complete, we trained exactly 120 people in the construction 10 hour class! It was truly an honor. Currently I’m getting some videos prepared to show you how I trained here! You’ll see my classic “Construction Family Feud” in action coming in a blog post soon!

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