Is Steven Texting and Driving? (Video post)

Steven Driving

Hi, it’s the Spanish OSHA Guy here! NO, I’m not texting and driving, but I had to compel you to view this video. I put the video camera on my dashboard and hit record. I know you’ll be challenged by the message:

So, I invite you to leave your comments. This blog entry builds off the articles I wrote about what you say in an OSHA training after a fatality and also the one where we are all so greedy for time that we put ourselves and our loved ones in harms way, miscalculating the risk. Please, choose to be safe and remember how bad of a day it would be for your loved ones if you drifted off the road because you couldn’t afford to “lose time” by pulling over to use your phone and find that “indispensable” piece of information. Until next time. -Steven St. Laurent

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  1. Mike Roux
    6 years ago

    Right on, I face the same decisions every day. I have made it a practice to turn my ringer off when driving so that it’s not a distraction and I can return phone calls or text when I’m more relaxed and n a safer condition.
    Great video Steven, fantastic job,

    • spanishOSHAguy
      6 years ago

      Mike, thanks for the comment and feedback. Yeah, your pre-decision is what needs to be done. It is too tempting. There are discussions in NYC to make the penalties stiffer for using the phone while driving the the city. One of the people in my training today said it would be comparable to drunk driving! It is a serious matter and people should spend the money to make it safe with the best technology for hands-free driving! Great job, Mike. I can tell you love your family!

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