The Purpose for my Blog ~ Part 1 (Video)

Half the Purpose for me blog

My name is Steven St. Laurent and I have created this free blog providing tips on how to not bore people to death in your Toolbox Talk or Safety Training because I’m sick and tired of safety trainings where someone just reads off a slide or a piece of paper. Also, I’m dedicating my time to providing you ideas to engage your audience so much so that they’re compelled to take action.  Too often I’ve been told that the safety talk has devolved to the supervisor simply handing out a piece of paper and saying, “This is the toolbox talk for today. Here, just put your name on the sign-in sheet.”


The other half of my website (or blog) is dedicated to providing you content for your toolbox talks.  See my 58-second video where I explain why I’m so passionate about good content.  And so, my website is loaded with articles and videos dedicated to transforming supervisors, safety professionals and all leaders at any company into a better trainer and presenter. This content is for anyone who gives instruction, tutorials, conducts training or safety chats so that you not only won’t bore your audience to death, but so you also leave people with a powerful challenge to implement the content in their personal and professional lives: Safety 24/7 Baby! At work, at home and one the Road. This is consistent with my business’ declaration on the top header of my website: OSHA Training, Toolbox Talks and Safety Videos that Don’t Bore You to Death in English and Spanish!

The first professional training that I designed and conducted was at a series of cement plants across Northern Mexico in 2002. Then after working as a field engineer from 2002 – 2005, I began my own training company. I’ve learned a lot since then and continue to polish, improve and master my craft of conducting trainings that don’t bore you to death in English and Spanish! 🙂

You are invited to come along with me on the journey to continually improve this part of your professional skills. I’ll be here by your side. Ask questions in the blog. Make comments. And share your lessons learned. 🙂 Let’s work together to improve the quality and delivery of the content you present to your team!

Until next time,


Spanish OSHA Guy!

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