The Purpose for my Blog ~ Part 2 (Video)

2nd Half of the Purpose for my blog

My name is Steven St. Laurent and I’ve created this free blog that provides content for your toolbox safety talks because I want to help you find engaging material that’s easy to use from a safety professional you know and trust.  I’m dedicating my time and half of the content on this blog so you can have a real person to interact with instead of a faceless company who churns out some words on a page and charges you a couple hundred dollars for a bunch of boring toolbox talks and then you never interface with them again throughout the year.  I’m here for you.  Comment on the blog.  Ask questions.  Share some great content as well.  Let’s work together to improve the quality and delivery of the safety content you deliver to your team!

This is the 2nd half of my blog’s purpose.  The first half of my website (or blog) contains articles and videos dedicated to transforming supervisors and safety professionals alike at any company into a better trainer and presenter.  Check out my 58-second video where I explain my passion for this!  Said in the words of my website header:  I want to help you become a trainer that Doesn’t Bore People to Death!

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