The Final Word Safety Consulting

Put jumper cables to your safety program!™

WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE The Final Word Safety Consulting?

Often I find companies who have no safety program, or who have one that is outdated, or their safety program was put together by someone who just really didn’t know what they were doing.

Also I find companies who put someone in charge to create, update or revise their safety program who doesn’t have much experience with OSHA or  just has a lot of questions before they can be sure they “got it right”.

Still others have been fined by OSHA and realize they are over their heads and need some serious help with safety. If any of the above scenarios match up with you and your company,  this program is for you.

How much time have you spent asking a colleague, calling someone in the industry, attending some promising seminar or reading the OSHA standards; and then still you are unsure of what training you need, who needs it and what equipment and procedures will meet OSHA standards?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get the answers you need?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a true expert with authority and confidence take you by the hand and tell you what to do and what not to do?

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to spend so much time trying desperately to get the answer to your safety questions?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have The Final Word?

Your search is over.

This is a VIP insider safety consulting program like no other.  The traditional way consulting is done is to pay an expert upwards of $1500/day to come to your location and write your program, etc.  The problem with that is they wrote it and when you have a question (or a bunch of questions), you can’t just take an hour of their time every week to ask questions without them charging you.  They will probably say, “I’ll come by for another consult.”  That’s fine. So, you pay another $1500 for that additional day, but what happens when you have a question 2 weeks later?!?

Now compare that with The Final Word consulting program: one option we offer is 3 months of ongoing consulting, truly providing you with a “go-to” resource for the same price that some consultants charge for just 2 days of being on your site. There truly is no comparison to The Final Word safety consulting program.

If you clearly identify your questions and can work remotely, this program is definitely for you. Our goal is not to keep you on this program for months and months. No! Most people should be on it for 2-3 months and then 90% of their questions should be answered.


  • Saves you a ton of time!
  • Eliminates frustration!
  • Gets you definitive answers (The Final Word)!
  • Offers you a one-stop shop with a dedicated expert who will know you and your company!
  • No more guess work.
  • No more hoping you’re doing what meets the OSHA standards.
  • Have someone on your side for more than just a day or a week.
  • Affordable.
  • Efficient.
  • Convenient.


  • Definitive answers (The Final Word) for all your questions related to OSHA, policy, enforcement, training, standards, safety programs, etc.
  • For each month you purchase consulting (think of is as a package of 4 phone consults that you can space out weekly or at any interval that meets your schedule); you will also get a 15-minute on-boarding call with Steven St. Laurent. In that on-boarding call Steve will introduce you to his OSHA expert and allow all involved to get acquainted and explain your business and your safety challenges to our expert. That on-boarding call can be a separate call or as part of the first session.
  • Each consulting call lasts 45 minutes with our OSHA expert.
  • Audio Recording of each phone consult. (This will be posted to your dedicated webpage for use by the next business day.)
  • You may involve as many colleagues from your company as you’d like on each call. (They each can call in from wherever they are.)
  • Dedicated Webpage private just for your company. (We maintain and update this site for you after each call with a summary of the call containing the specific information you asked about, such as: the OSHA standard that applies, the template you should use, who needs training, what vendors supply the equipment you need, along with the other specific useful information you asked about.)
  • Email feedback from expert summarizing and giving you The Final Word (the answers to your question) within 30 minutes of hanging up.
  • Schedule the next call with your dedicated expert right before you hang up. (You schedule the call at a time that best works for you: during business hours or outside business hours!)
  • Schedule the following call for the next week, the next day or any time you’d like!
  • Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

    If you don’t genuinely save hours of your time thanks to each and every consult with our OSHA expert, then we will reimburse you the cost of that consulting session. Just contact Steve personally within 2 business days of the call and let him know what happened. We don’t succeed unless you do, and therefore we are relentlessly on your side.


Mike Anderson of Anderson Safety Consulting.

I have personally trained with Mike across the country and he is one of the best trainers who has ever mentored me. He also lives and breathes OSHA, having a 28-year tenure in the agency. He is a true expert and the person who should be giving The Final Word for people’s questions about OSHA compliance. Mike is a firm believer that the people who instruct and give advice are often the ones that have messed up the most. Mike will give you firm direction from first-hand experience inside 1000’s of companies on not only what is safe and meets the OSHA standards, but he can also offer tried and true advice about implementing an effective safety program and how to get upper management, experienced employees as well as new ones to buy into safety!

Mike has 35 years in the Occupational Safety and Health arena. He has managed Occupational Safety and Health Department of Defense Bases, served as Senior Instructor for the Department of Labor, National Occupational Safety and Health Institute. And he has Trained OSHA Compliance Officers nationwide. He is no joke. You’re going to love him!

Mike is still very active training and consulting nationwide and has teamed up with, Inc. to provide The Final Word for you. As Mike gives you his advice, you will love how practical, fatherly and caring he is that you get it right. I’m so excited for you!


Can you work remotely over the phone?

When I was in Engineering school, it was all about solving problems.  Spending hours doing calculations on just one problem. When I did my homework and spent those hours but couldn’t get the answer, I knew exactly where I was stuck and my questions were pointed and specific.  Then, I would go to the office hours of the professor and within 10-20 minutes, my questions were answered, I understood the material and how to apply it to other problems and best of all: I saved myself countless more hours and frustration trying to figure it out on my own.

If you are willing and able to do the leg work and identify your specific questions, you will have that same gratifying and fruitful experience that I had on each and every phone session in this consulting program.

However, if you are not going to pinpoint your specific questions, take the advice our expert gives you and then follow through by putting it into practice; then please save your money and don’t hire us.  We want this to be a success for you and for us.  We don’t want to work with someone who thinks there is a magic pill.  You will work hard if you hire us or if you don’t.  But- for sure- if you do hire us then all your efforts will be worth it:  You will get it right, learn more about safety, and it will be more relevant to your company than you ever could learn at a conference or on your own. And you’ll accomplish it in much, much less time than you could by doing it on your own!


$1200/month (for 4 phone consults on any schedule you’d like)

For every set of 4 phone consults you purchase, you get an additional 15-minutes for on-boarding that can be part of a separate call or linked to one of the 4 phone consults.

If you purchase 3 months (12 phone consults) up front, then you will get one complimentary 45-min. session with our expert.

My final thought is:  If you truly compare 2 days of onsite safety consulting at $1500/day vs. up to 3 months of over a dozen phone consults for the same price… Is there really any comparison?

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t genuinely save hours of your time thanks to each and every consult with our OSHA expert, then we will reimburse you the cost of that consulting session. Just contact Steve personally within 2 business days of the call and let him know what happened. We don’t succeed unless you do, and therefore we are relentlessly on your side.