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Hi, it’s the Spanish OSHA Guy here! Listen to this story I retell from a person in my OSHA 10 whose safety glasses absolutely saved his eyesight!

In my blog post entitled “You ran out of time“, I wrote about the other big reason for taking risks: Comfort! We do all kinds of things in the name of comfort that put our physical lives at risk. One of them is wearing sunglasses while using power tools around the house and yard. Or -even worse- not wearing anything at all. You need glasses! 🙂 In my OSHA training, I often take the time to calculate with the group the maximum velocity a piece of shrapnel or material could come flying at your eye, neck or other body part from a bench grinder. Depending upon the diameter and RPM of the wheel, it usually falls between 65 – 105 MPH! If you’re not wear safety glasses rated for impact, it doesn’t matter how hard you squint or what kind or Ray Ban sunglasses you have on! You’ll get injured or you’ll lose an eye!  So, I hope my video and my calculations have challenged you to think about why you do the things you do safety-wise at work, at home and on the road. Don’t let this type of accident happen to you! I’ll write soon. -Steven St. Laurent

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